“Dance to Learn” begins at PS16

It is our pleasure to announce the launch of this year’s Dance to Learn program. The Geraldine R Dodge Foundation partners with Young Audiences, Dance New Jersey, professional dance companies and teachers to promote the Dance to Learn experience.

This program has been made possible through a joint sponsorship of the CPA and Principal Watkins-Williams and subsidized by the grant funds of Geraldine R. Dodge foundation, as brought to PS16 by the wonderful teaching artists at “Nimbus Dance Works”.

When “Dance to Learn” was first brought to PS16 in 2014, 2nd grade students were the initial target group for the workshop. In the following year the school and the CPA pulled our resources together and were able to include 3rd grade students into the program as well. This year we are very proud to be able to expand our sponsorship efforts to the 4th grade! Nearly 180 students will participate in this dance program for free in 2016, taught by the talented dancers of “Nimbus Dance Works”.

“Dance to Learn” is designed as a four-year interdisciplinary and inclusive dance curriculum with the goal to advance dance education in schools and community settings. We are working hard to be able to implement the program in its full capacity in the years to come, in order to achieve the best results and benefits for our students.

We thank our parents and partners whose donations and support make projects like these a reality! For more details about the program and the curriculum please visit: Dance-to-Learn.

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